How To Buy Berries Zero Waste

In the shops, I can not buy Berries without plastic containers, not even at Real foods, Whole foods or the farmers market.

My garden is not big enough, to grow berries, so in summer we go to the local farm and pick the fruit ourselves. You get a cardboard basket and a map, then you can go and pick the fruit you would like. Raspberries, strawberries, brambles, blackcurrant, cherries and lots more. It’s a really nice day out and fun for the kids, to pick the ripe berries by themselves and take them home.

IMG_3739 IMG_3737 IMG_3748 (1)  IMG_3758 IMG_3765

We pick lots, so we can freeze some for winter.

Check out your local farm, maybe you can save on plastic containers by picking the fruit yourself.

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