Potato Crisps Recipe

I haven’t found crisps without packaging yet. Some crisps like walkers stax or pringles, come in laminated cardboard tubes but they are not like real crisps anyways.

So I had to try and make them myself.

All thats needed is potatos and oil for deep-frying. I used avocado oil, it has a high smoking point. I did try to make them in the oven but they were not crispy, just soggy and partly burnt.

Take your potatoes, wash them and slice them very thin. There is no need to peel them. Keep the slices in cold water for about half hour, then dry them in a towel and start frying them in the hot oil.

IMG_4089 IMG_3512  IMG_3514

Season with salt or any other herbs and spices. Perfect for a party or movie night.

IMG_3518 Enjoy!

Making your own potato crisps is definitely more work, then buying a bag in the shop but it is healthier and reduces landfill waste.

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