Zero Waste Cleaning

I used to own so many different cleaning products. From antibacterial spray, all-purpose cleaner, floor cleaner, steel cleaner, bathroom cleaner, shower cleaner, oven cleaner, mould cleaner, leather cleaner, bleach, toilet cleaner to window cleaner and I’m sure I could carry on but it’s already a long list.
All of those cleaner come in plastic bottles, which create lots of rubbish.
When I started bothering about the harmful effects of those cleaners, I swapped them to Ecover products, which meant I had less bottles and less pollution.
Then I made a swap to zero waste and I started making my own cleaner and just used the old bottles to store the cleaner.

All that waste could easily be avoided, if you swap the harmful cleaning products
with two simple ingredients.
All you need is vinegar and bicarbonate of soda (baking soda). My mum used to clean like that.
Vinegar is antibacterial, if you don’t like the smell you could use vodka, as it is antibacterial as well, but definitely more expensive.

If you like you can infuse the vinegar with citrus fruit peel and essential oils, then dilute it like an all-purpose cleaner to clean your kitchen work tops, the floor, windows, bathroom, just about everything.

Baking soda on the other hand, makes a good scrubbing paste for tougher stain, grease and build up. Your sink will sparkle if you clean it with a paste made from baking soda and water. Same for your oven, you can easily clean that way.
I make toilet bombs, that I throw in the loo, to prevent build up down there, they also smell amazing.

I feel really lucky to live in a town, where I have a refill/bulk shop, that sell all sorts of cleaning products. I now buy all my cleaning products there but if that wasn’t available for me, I would stick with vinegar and baking soda to keep my home clean.

Cleaning Accessories

To clean your home you will need more than just all-purpose cleaner.

I used to have a plastic mob and Mob bucket, which broke after a few years. Now I have a reliable Steel mob Bucket, that should last me a lifetime and a wooden mob. I can replace the mob head when needed.

I have a bamboo brush and a steel dustpan with a wooden hand brush. I also have an IKEA wool duster and a lovely smiley hoover called Henry. I went through three different, bag less hoovers within six month. They all broke really quickly. I was fed up and did some research and Henry was one of the best hoovers in my opinion. It is a bag hoover but you can buy washable hepa filter bags and that’s what I’m going to do when our bags are finished.

IMG_4044 IMG_4090

I still have three microfiber cloths, but I advice against buying microfiber. I don’t believe microfiber is a good material and I will not buy new microfiber cloths, when mine are used up. I would advice to buy cotton or even better, organic cotton cleaning cloth or just use old towels.

Just give it some thought if you need to buy a new cleaning product or maybe need a new brush, there are always environment friendly options available!


2 thoughts on “Zero Waste Cleaning

  1. Storm says:

    Thanks for the helpful post – I’ve been wanting to convert to more environmentally friendly cleaning products and have tried vinegar before, but the smell put me off. I’ll definitely try adding essential oils!


    • myzerowastefamily says:

      I Know right, vinegar smells bad. Try your favourite essential oil, otherwise maybe you have a bulk shop near by and you can refill your cleaning products.


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