laundry zero

Zero Waste Laundry

It’s really easy to go zero waste on the laundry. There is hardly any compromise to be made and your clothes will still be squeaky clean.

I used to use different laundry liquids and fabric conditioners. When my premature daughter came home from the neonatal, I added Dettol antibacterial washing liquid to every washing.
For whites, I added vanish oxi action and i used tumble dryer sheets in the closet, to keep the clothes smelling nice.

I never gave all those products a second thought. All above products are highly toxic, can cause allergic reactions and produce endless waste.

Now, after going non toxic and zero waste, I use the Ecover washing powder, which comes in a big cardboard box and I refill the Ecover or Ecoleaf fabric conditioner at my refill shop.
I used to refill Ecover laundry liquid but the guy, who installed my washing mashing, advised me not to use  laundry liquids and things like soap nuts. They stick to the pipes, block the filter and then cause build up and mould and eventually break your washing machine.
I don’t think fabric conditioner is necessary but I have read, that you can wash out flame retardant from fabrics, using vinegar, baking soda and fabric conditioner. So I use fabric conditioner just in case, as we don’t have everything in organic and GOTS certified, yet.
For whites, I use Ecover laundry bleach, which also comes in a cardboard box.

I don’t use fabric freshener at all now but you could just fill a bit of vodka and essential oil in a bottle and spray that on you fabric.
For freshness in your closet, use some dried lavender, bundle it and hang it on the rail, that also keeps moth away.
If you feel the need to use tumble dryer sheets, just take a plain cotton sheet, add some essential oil and throw that in the tumble dryer with the washing.

It couldn’t be any easier to reduce laundry waste. Wash your clothes when necessary and swap laundry liquid for powder or refill at your bulk shop.
Your laundry will be clean and fresh, even if you just use a simple natural washing powder, you don’t need all those fancy things companies try to sell through advertisement.


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