Zero Waste Washing Up

The first step to reduce waste here is: not to buy single use plates and cutlery! So many people buy paper, plastic, foam plates just because they don’t want to do the washing up. I know people who buy them, even tho they have a dishwasher! Its hard to believe but its true.

So anyways, I have never bought those items and I’m glad I never did. I just wash the dishes, luckily I have a dishwasher to help me. Still there are items, that can only be hand washed.

For washing up by hand, I refill Ecover or Ecoleaf washing up liquid. If you can not refill a simple bar of soap will help you here.
Just grate and mix with boiled water, there you go – easy as pie.
My washing up equipment also includes: bamboo brushes, one of them with natural bristles, where you can just replace the head. I also have a hand scrubber and a steel srubber and my natural unbleached sponge.
I think I have too much equipment and normally, I only go for the sponge and the brush and that’s all.

My dad used to wipe the plates clean with a napkin, before washing them in the sink.
I don’t do that, even tho the plates are much cleaner then and the dishwater will stay clean for longer, which safes water as you don’t need to replace it.
In school, I learned to wash from clean to dirty. You wash all the “clean” dishes first and then the dirty plates, pots and pans.
I’m so glad, I own a dishwasher. I just throw the dirty stuff in and turn it on.
I only wash knifes, wooden utensils, burned ons, peelers, chopping boards, magi mix and blender by hand.
I use baking soda for burned on pots and pans. I  fill them with a little water and baking soda, boil that for about 30min. then wash them out. Even tough burned stuff will come off easy.

Most dishwasher tablets come in a cardboard box or plastic bag and are individually wrapped.
I have tried to make my own dishwasher tablets but they left my dishes look mucky with residue. So at the moment I just use Ecover dishwasher tabs. There is a farm run, that refills dishwasher tabs but they don’t cover my area. I hope I’m going to find a better solution soon.




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