How To Make Liquid Soap

If you swap your store-bought hand wash, for this simple homemade hand wash, you will  not only have super moisturized hands but you will also safe yourself from tonnes of rubbish.

It’s a really simple and quick recipe. Even though I can refill my hand wash at the bulk store, I still make this one and use it as my kitchen hand wash. I have to wash my hands a lot, so they get really quickly, really dry. This hand wash is super gentle and moisturizes your hands while washing.

All you need is a 1 cup of soap, 2 tbsp. coconut oil and 1l boiled, (filtered) water.

img 6844 - How To Make Liquid Soap

Grate the soap and boil the water.

Mix the soap in the hot water and add the coconut oil.

It will take a wee while for all the soap to dissolve, but eventually you will get there.

Now you can fill the soap, in a soap dispenser and keep the rest in a jar, for later. If the soap hardens too much, you can liquefy it with more hot water.


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