DIY Beetroot Lip Balm

The beetroot lip balm is basically made the same way as the DIY LIPBALM , just that I infused the lip balm with beet powder. Beet powder is dehydrated, powderd beetroot.
You can add a little or a lot beet powder, depending on the shades of red you like. I used quite a lot and the lip balm gives my lips, a wee shimmer of red.
It isn’t a lipstick, so you wont get super long-lasting red lips. You get natural redish, shimmering lips.

You need:
1tbsp grated beeswax
1tbsp shea butter or coconut oil
1tbsp coconut oil
beet powder
3-4 drops essential oil or vitamin e (optional)

Melt the coconut oil in a double boiler, when melted add the beetroot powder.
Let the beet powder infuse the coconut oil, this can take about an hour.
Keep the coconut oil liquefied, by reheating the oil when needed.
Add the shea butter and melt it as well.
strain the mix through a nutmilk bag or muslin cloth.
Add the now red coloured mix into your double boiler and add the beeswax.
wait till the beeswax is completely melted then add the essential oil, if used.
fill your liquid lip balm in an old lip balm tube or tin.

If you have red mica powder or red clay, you can use that instead of the beet powder, there wont be any need to infuse the coconut oil then.
You can add it straight after you melted the beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter.
I tried to do the same with beet powder, but the lip balm looked crumbly on my lips, because the beet powder isn’t as fine as mica powder.
Infusing the coconut oil, with beet powder and then straining it, still gives a red shimmer without crumbles.

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