DIY Foundation Powder- Non Toxic and Zero Waste

You can make your own powder all by yourself, how amazing is that?!

Have you ever checked the label on your powder box? Have you ever bothered what you are clogging your pores with? I have the EWG  Healthy Living App. You can check out different products with the app. Most products have questionable ingredients that possible cause cancer, hormone imbalance, allergy and lots more. The App is free and guides you well through food and cosmetic products.

But why buy powder is you can make it yourself, at home. It will be much cheaper, much healthier, actually benefit your skin and produce less waste.

You need:

Organic arrow-root powder

Organic Cinnamon, Cocoa, Nutmeg, Turmeric, Beetroot powder (what you need, really depends on your skin colour)

I only ever mixed my own powder and I have very pale skin. I use cinnamon and a wee bit of cocoa. Depending on your skin colour you have to add other ingredients.

Darker skin needs more cocoa, a yellowish tint uses a bit of turmeric, a pinkish skin uses a bit of beetroot powder.  You really have to try for yourself.

For pale skin like mine you need:

2 tsp arrowroot powder

1 tsp cinnamon powder

12 tsp cocoa powder

Just mix it well, you can use it straight away.

If you can, then grind it really fine, in a spice mill or a blender. Sometimes Cinnamon has a few bits, that will show on your skin, so if you grind it very fine, you get a smooth powder.

The arrow-root powder will soak up oil and grease, you can use it on its own, as a translucent powder. Cinnamon, cocoa powder and turmeric have antibacterial properties, which benefit the skin and especially cinnamon and cocoa powder smell amazing!

I simply apply it with a powder brush, either on its own or on top of liquid foundation.

All ingredients can be bought in glass or bulk, there is no need for packaging. You can make your own powder, safe money and waste. It’s a win win situation!

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