DIY Reusable Cotton Wool Pads

If you only use eye make up and don’t cover your whole face with make up, you might just need a small cotton wool pad to remove mascara before bed.

Or maybe you are like my daughter and love putting a wet, cold cotton wool over the eyes.

These small, reusable cotton pads don’t take as much space as make up wipes but can be used the same way.

Think of all the plastic and cotton waste and all money you can safe, if you switch from single use cotton wool to reusable ones.

You don’t even need to buy them, all you need is an old towel or flannel, a bit of thread and a needle or if you have, a sewing machine.

You can make them by hand only, as they are a small piece of work. A weeks supply of cotton wool, might take a few hours on the weekend to make.



Get your old towel ready and use something to trace a circle (a cup or glass)

IMG 4970 1008685481 1507642353719 - DIY Reusable Cotton Wool Pads

Cut out the circle, you need two circles for one cotton wool. If you want fancy looking cotton wool you can use one side towel and the other a nice fabric. I’m only using towel.

IMG 4971 - DIY Reusable Cotton Wool PadsLay two circles on top of each other, then sew them together abound the edges. I used my sewing machine and sew them twice for stability.

Leave a small gap to turn your pad inside out.

IMG 4976 - DIY Reusable Cotton Wool PadsNow turn them round and close the gap by hand. You can sew all around the cotton wool for durability. We want these pads to last a long time and go through lots of washes.

IMG 4978 - DIY Reusable Cotton Wool Pads

When your done, store them in a jar or container. If you like to prepare them ready for make up removal, you can boil a bit of water mixed with a bit of coconut oil. JUst pour it over the cotton wool and close the jar. The cotton pad will soak up the coconut oil infused water and will remove make up with ease. Use when need to remove make up. Wash, if unused, after one week.

IMG 5017 - DIY Reusable Cotton Wool Pads

I like the look of my little cotton pads and I think they would also make a nice wee gift.

IMG 5003 - DIY Reusable Cotton Wool Pads

If you have time, why not try making your own reusable cotton pads.


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