Zero Waste Halloween – Zero Waste Trick Or Treat Ideas

Halloween has turned into a scary social event. It’s really scary to see the amount of waste produced, by just one night. There are not just trick or treat sweets that are wrapped in foil or plastic, it’s also costumes made from polyester, so many different decorations made from plastic and a huge amount of food waste from Halloween parties. That’s a really scary night for our planet!

This should have been our first zero waste Halloween. Last year I got lots of candy for Halloween but hardly anyone came for trick or treat.

Unfortunately, we wont be able to celebrate Halloween this year. We are at an emergency in Germany and I don’t think we will make it home for Halloween.

But a few days before my mum’s accident happened, I was preparing for Halloween. I wanted to see if I could do it without waste this year.

One thing is for sure, every year we carve a pumpkin. My daughter and I crave it and use it as decoration. We make soup from the flesh with roasted pumpkin seed.

In this post I will only focus on trick or treat ideas because I’m guessing we will be still in Germany, caring for my mum and not celebrating Halloween

For trick or treat I was trying different options, which I think are acceptable for both, sweet hungry children and the planet.

Halloween Fruit:

I’m using Bananas and Tangerines. With a marker I draw scary faces on them. I already had a marker, if you don’t, maybe ask a friend.

Sweet jars:

If you have lots of small jars you can fill them with bulk sweets and hand them out.

IMG 5308 - Zero Waste Halloween - Zero Waste Trick Or Treat Ideas

Sweets in cardboard:

I was happy when I saw some chocolate candy in cardboard boxes. That is a good alternative to plastic wrapped candy. I got poppets from B&M. I think there are some more brand out there, check out your local store.

IMG 5297 - Zero Waste Halloween - Zero Waste Trick Or Treat Ideas

The last option, I can think of is, to hand out a small amount of money, like 50p or a pound coin.

Otherwise turn the light of, go to bed and don’t open the door, like a party poop spoiler😉

I’m really sad that we wont be celebrating Halloween this year, my daughter would have loved to see all the trick or treat children coming to our door. She is too small to go for trick or treat herself, so I don’t have to worry about her, bringing home sweets yet.







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