How To Buy Milk Zero Waste

As a child, I lived next to a dairy farm. I would just take our milk can and climb across the fence, to fill my can with fresh milk, from the milk tank. I left a few pennies in the money box and that’s how we got our milk.

Here in Edinburgh, we used to buy milk in large plastic bottles. We go through a lot of milk in a week, thanks to my little milk vampire.

I wanted to make a better choice, for my daughter and for the planet. So I thought about buying milk in glass bottles. We buy organic milk, we might as well buy it without plastic.

At first, I couldn’t find milk, that came in glass bottles. Not in the shops and even my farm food delivery didn’t sell milk in glass bottles.

With the help of google, I found someone delivering milk in glass, but not organic and they didn’t want to deliver to my address either. Then I found Müller Milk, delivering organic milk, in glass bottles.

I have to pay about double the price, I would normally pay for milk. But I don’t need to go to the shop and buy milk anymore, the milk gets delivered to our doorstep, several days a week! I think in the long run, it will actually safe us money. So many times, we used to pop into our local shop, just for milk. We did buy milk but every time, we end up buying other things as well, spending more money on things we actually don’t need.

The milk tastes better, I used to get a strange smell opening the milk in plastic bottles. I don’t get that smell opening the glass bottles. My husband loves the full cream milk, with the cream still on the top.

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For me, it’s worth it and I think, milk farmers deserve a fair price, for their milk. After all, they also have cost to cover and supermarkets sell the milk under value.

Give it a try and find your local milk man/women! Buying milk in glass bottles safes a large amount of plastic waste and taste a lot better!







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