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How To Buy Nuts Zero Waste

Nuts are really healthy and nutritious. I use nuts a lot for either baking, granola or making Indian sweets and snacks like ladoos or roasted masala nuts.

I used to buy them in little plastic bags, which didn’t help reduce landfill waste. Now I buy them in bulk and fill them in my cotton produce bags.

I can buy most nuts at my bulk shop but I also noticed that Lidl and Holland and Barret sell nuts in bulk.

Lidl sell roasted cashews, almonds and pistachios. They only have thin plastic bags available to fill in the nuts, so I bring my own cotton bag.


Holland and Barret has a large selection of different nuts and dried fruit, they also sell chocolate and yogurt covered nuts and dried fruit. There are paper bags available, to fill with nuts and dried fruit.nuts4

The nuts are not organic but still a good alternative, if you don’t have a bulk shop close by.


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