zero waste chewing gum feature

Zero Waste Chewing Gum-Plastic Free Chewing Gum

There are only a few natural and plastic free chewing gums available.

Traditionally, chewing gum was made from chicle, a natural tree snap. Nowadays it’s been replaced with artificial gum base made with plastic.

I never thought, that the regular chewing gum, gum base is made with plastic. It’s awful enough that chewing gum is packed in plastic and foil but to think that your chewing on plastic for hours… yuck!

That was bad news for me. I am a chewing gum person, I love it! I like the minty flavour and the cleaning effect of gum. At first, I thought I have to give up my habit of chewing gum but then I found GLEE gum and Simply gum, they are natural and plastic free chewing gum. I found them when I was in America.

My favourite is GLEE gum, because they have chewing gum available without sugar.g gum

The sugar-free chewing gum is made with Xylit, which is supposed to help protect teeth from cavities. For me it’s important that the chewing gum is not smothering my teeth in sugar. There are more flavours available but they are with sugar.

The small GLEE gum squares are in a cardboard box, which makes the whole product zero waste and biodegradable.

Simply gum is another natural and zero waste optionsimply gum

Simply gum is made with organic cane sugar, which is bad news for the teeth. I still like the gum, as it is completely natural and all ingredients are organic. The gum is available in different flavours.

The little brown drops of chewing gum are in a cardboard box, which makes the entire product zero waste and biodegradable.

For the occasional chewing gum, I think Simply gum is a great option. For people like me, who like to chew gum daily, it’s better to use Glee gum, made with xylit, instead of sugar.

The chewing experience is a little different to regular chewing gum.

The gum is smaller and it kind of gets softer and liquified, the more you chew it. Also the flavour doesn’t last as long.

I still think it’s worth swapping to one of these chewing gums made from chicle rather than plastic, in favour of your health and our environment.

You can order the chewing gum online, if you don’t live in the US. Hopefully it won’t be long until more countries sell natural chewing gum without plastic.

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