Sweets You Can Buy Zero Waste

I was quite surprised, how many sweets are available, without or only with paper packaging. I never played attention to bulk sweets and used to buy sweets in small plastic bags and wrappers.

Swapping from packed sweets, to bulk sweets, will prevent a huge amount of plastic waste.

However, these sweets are not extremely healthy or organic and should only be consumed in moderation!

So many shops have a Candy King section, most shops will allow you to bring your own bag, to fill with candy. Otherwise, you can use the paper bags, that are available. I have a great selection at my local Tesco. I can buy jelly beans, magic carpet, smarties, vampire fangs (my favourite, I even ate them while in labour), chocolate raisins, fudge and lots of non vegetarian sweets.candy kind

My local cinema, has an even larger selection of Candy Kind sweets. They have so many different chocolates. You can also buy sweet popcorn in a paper bags and fill your own tub or jar with ice cream.

IKEA, is the place to be, if you’re missing chocolate orange or liquorice. They also sell a large selection of chocolates, jellies and non vegetarian sweets, at their pick and mix bulk sectionikea bulk

Those Swedish bulk candy sections, like Candy King and the pick and mix section at Ikea only use natural colours, contain no trans fats, high fructose corn syrup or GMO’s

If you fancy cakes, cookies, donuts or biscuits, you can take your own container or bag to your local bakery or coffee shop. If you don’t want to do that, you can let them pack it in paper bags, most bakeries have paper bags. Most large shops have a bakery section, Lidl for example sells, donuts, cookies, apple turnovers, chcolate crossaints and lots more. Their bags, are not entirely made from paper, but they have always been happy for me to use my own bag.

lidl pastries

You don’t need to buy tubs of ice cream or individually wrapped cones and ice pops. You can buy your ice cream, at the ice cream van or shop in a cone. If you like to have some ice cream at home in the freezer, bring your own container and fill with ice cream, at the ice cream shop. Another option and a lot cheaper is Ikea, they have soft ice, that you could fill in a container and take home. You can buy  few servings at the bistro and fill up your container at the ice cream mashine. Keep the cones, store air tight and serve them with ice cream at home. A great treat at kids parties.ikea ice creamAnother important sweet is chocolate. I can buy organic  bulk chocolate buttons at my bulk shop, otherwise Ikea sells bulk chocolate buttons too. Candy King bulk section sells truffles and other chocolaty sweets. I buy chocolate buttons at my bulk shop.chocolate mix

So many countries have a bulk sweet section. In America you have a much larger selcetion and in India you can buy sweets at the mithai shop in cardborad box. I also saw one in Germany selling all my favourite german sweets. german-sweet.jpg

For me, these are enough options, to buy my sweets without packaging. Even children should have a large enough selection, to get through their childhood, without all the plastic waste. Although sometimes all they want is a lolipop and i have not found that zero waste yet.

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