I made 2017 the year to go zero waste

We are a family of three and we feel so good about producing less waste and living an organic, sustainable lifestyle. To be honest we still produce a little bit of waste but we have reduced our waste to next to nothing. I am so proud of us and surprised how easy it is to reduce waste. Our bins used to be full to the top. When the Scottish government reduced the size of our landfill bin by half, I wasn’t sure how we would manage. Now I have hardly anything in that bin.

Zero waste or less waste should be fun and not become a competition abut who produces less waste. There will be times where it is not possible to find a zero waste or less waste alternative but then don’t beat yourself up – its ok, we are only humans and nobody is perfect. Don’t give up, everything you can do to reduce waste is a little step ahead and helps reduce landfill, pollution and toxins. We really have to work together and try, because in the end our waste, especially the non recyclable, single use plastic waste will become our enemy.